Virtualization: From Commercialization to Command and Control

Virtualization has been around for many years; most notably used in data centers where various applications are consolidated onto a single server, thereby reducing the total number of servers and overall power consumption. Although the adoption of virtualization in Aerospace and Defense is still in its infancy, system developers are beginning to take a closer look at the wide range of problems this technology helps to solve.

ATCA and Virtualization are, in fact, complimentary technologies. The popularity of ATCA is growing rapidly in the A&D market because it addresses the key requirements of next generation systems while creating opportunities to reduce space, weight and power, increase functionality and accelerate time to market. These benefits can be expanded further through the implementation of virtualization and getting the most out of a virtualized system requires a high performance compute blade capable of running many applications simultaneously.

Interested to learn more? We’ve recently published a whitepaper entitled, “Leveraging Virtualization in Aerospace & Defense Applications” that outlines the benefits of a virtualization for the A&D market as well as details four virtualization usage models suitable for server-based A&D systems.

Download the paper today!

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