Ultra-Portables: The Next Generation of Wartime Communications

I’ve just returned from the UK after attending MAE 2012. This annual show is dedicated to embedded computing and integrated electronics for military, defense and aerospace applications. During my time there, I was asked to speak on an exciting topic, ultra-portable cellular networks.

Our military networks have been lacking agility and reliability in comparison to the commercial cellular devices the enemy has at its disposal, resulting in tremendous changes in how the military implements its wartime communications networks.

Commercial cellular technology solves agility, reliability and cost challenges, but does not deliver an ultra-mobile solution to enable ad-hoc network roll-outs or the network-of-networks concept, essential for next-generation warfare. During my MAE presentation, I discussed the necessary components to develop ultra-portable cellular networks that squeeze the entire system, from base station to the core, into a small, ruggedized platform that can be picked up and moved, or even carried in a soldier’s pack, and is specifically developed to support defense applications in extreme field conditions.

The attendees who attended my session left with a solid understanding of the optimized hardware and software needed to meet the unique security, size, weight and power requirements of these compact cellular networks for next generation warfighter communications.

Please see the my entire presentation below, and be sure to contact us for more information on how we can help you bring your ultra-portable network to fruition.

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