LTE Webinar Series: End-to-end Qos in LTE

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve made it through the last in our 4-part LTE Webinar Series that has taken a deep dive into the challenges (and benefits) of implementing LTE infrastructures. What topic was featured as the grand finale? End-to-end QoS in LTE.

It’s fitting that we closed with a discussion of the technology decisions that affect the timely delivery of the latest and greatest in services and applications, as the customer is the driving force behind all that we do here at Radisys. Our amazing team of innovators works to provide our customers (leading equipment manufacturers and system integrators) with platforms, software and services that enable them to create complex solutions for the end user.

Topics covered in the webinar included:

  • Use of Radisys FlowEngine to provide a framework for detecting, characterizing and applying policies to diverse packet flows
  • Introduction to key technology partners with DPI based packet characterization solutions
  • Overview of the new Radisys Traffic Management offload module

See the entire presentation by Dikshit Sawhney, James Radley and Larry Greenstein above.

Many thanks to all the Radisys experts who participated in this well-received series!

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