Graphics and Processing-Intensive Apps No Match for the New CEQM77

A mission-critical application for today’s military is just that, critically important for both situational awareness and safety. What does this entail today, given the amazing evolution of A&D communications that we have seen over the past decade? Today’s troops rely on ruggedized and portable wireless end-to-end communications networks. In many cases, this means increasing amounts of graphics processing and display – and the quicker the processor the better. But how do you get all of that performance punch into such a small form factor?

I’m excited to announce the new CEQM77, a family of ultra-portable COM Express modules, based on third-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors, to support higher processing and graphics performance for video-intensive applications. In short, this is an ideal solution for military systems as it meets the industry’s size, weight and power requirements.

Instead of writing out a detailed list of the new and exciting features, I’m going to let the new video blog below do the talking for me. Want more info? Be sure to check out the press release and data sheet on the Radisys website.

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