AUVSI 2012: Day 1 Wrap Up

As we wrap up day one at AUVSI 2012, I’m pleased to report the Radisys team has had an excellent kick off to the show. A back-to-back meeting schedule included discussions on a wide variety of solutions, including ATCA, LTE, COM E and Trillium. We fielded questions on how our technology can assist with not only communications applications, but deployments that include computers that are high performance and scalable (from a small form factor on up).

In terms of trends, I have been to lots of military shows over the last ten years, and I can see the interest in unmanned vehicles (air, land, and sea) is high and continuing to grow. For example, in ten years’ time, the USA has gone from 100 UAVs to over one-third of the aircraft flown today being unmanned. The same explosion of interest and use cases is happening in ground and sea unmanned systems. All of which need command and control and communications. I’m pleased that Radisys is in step with this trend, and that we have field-proven solutions for our customers looking to meet this market demand.

To close, we heard in more than one meeting, that folks came to see us because one of our existing customers said to them, “well you are working with Radisys on this right?” Kudos to the entire A&D team at Radisys for helping us gain such traction in this competitive industry.

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