Adapting Commercial Mobile Networks Technology for Battlefield Communications

Traditionally, military communications networks have been proprietary, using line of sight and/or satellite radio communications to provide the most advanced and secure service possible. However, proprietary solutions are lagging commercial telecommunications innovation, which is delivering advanced mobile data capabilities and massive economies of scale.

The adoption of commercial, standards-defined cellular technology solves the agility, reliability and cost challenges. But other technology is needed to deliver an ultra-mobile solution that also supports an ad-hoc network rollout and the network-of-networks concept, both of which are central to next-generation, network-centric warfare.

This capability has been demonstrated by Radisys by combining ATCA, Trillium 3G and LTE software stacks, media server software, and Radisys small form factor and defense-specialized COM Express computer modules, all of which provide the necessary technology for today’s military-portable communications networks and services.

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